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Book review: Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node

Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node (Mike Amundsen; O’Reilly Media) is an interesting little book. It covers designing an online system that operates well in a browser, but works equally well when talking to
from another type of application, which also has positive impact on automated testing. The strength of this book is absolutely the design theory, which is explained very well. The theory applies to pretty much any web development platform, which is where the weakness of the book comes in. If you are not an HTML5 or Node developer, and many of us aren’t, reading through the practical part of the book is somewhat tedious. That said, the book is only 244 pages, and the theory is an easy read. That means that if you are only interested in that you can get through pretty quickly. The examples in itself are simple, but already add up to quite a bit of code you need to wade through. Understanding all that’s going on takes a while.