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Speaking at VSLive! in Vegas on October 16th

I’ll be at VSLive! in Las Vegas next month. On Tuesday, October 16th, I’ll be speaking about two topics:

  • Using Windows Workflow Foundation in ASP.NET
  • Create Scalable Apps with Asynchronous Processing

The first is an introductory session about Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and adresses how to deal with WF in ASP.NET. Because WF is not request-response by nature, this is more challenging than you would think. The second session discusses ASP.NET 2.0 Async Pages and Handlers and shows you how to use this with web services and databases.

Hope to see you there!

SDC op 17 en 18 september

Op 17 en 18 september is in ons land weer de Software Developer Conference (SDC) georganiseerd door het Software Developer Network. Hier zijn een aantal toonaangevende internationale sprekers te zien waarvoor je normaal gezien naar het buitenland moet. Zeker de moeite waard dus. Zie voor meer info. Ik weet zelf helaas nog niet of ik erbij kan zijn, hoewel Ordina wel een stand heeft.

VSLive Orlando demo’s

Thanks to all that came to my sessions at VSLive in Orlando on Tuesday, and thanks for the great feedback. Below are the demo’s for the two sessions. Updated slides decks will be made available on the attendee website.

Some of you asked which tool I used to demo the perf difference between sync and async (demo 1). Although you could use perf tools that come with VS2005 I used Application Center Test (ACT) that comes with Visual Studio 2003, because it is very easy to setup and shows nice graphics (which was most important for this demo). You can also use the free Web Application Stress Tool. The ACT script I used was (substitute “slow.aspx” with “slowasync.aspx” for the async test), with 50 browser connections:

If Rnd(10) < 5 Then
End If

Note: I’ve run this test in several setups with different hardware. In my Orlando session I showed numbers from ACT on the host to the web in a VPC. In my San Francisco session ACT was on a Dell D600 with the web running in a VPC on my Dell D800, which is a better way to test (in the Orlando setup ACT is drawing perf from the same CPU). The async perf is much better (even in percentages) with the SF setup. Be aware that there are a lot of variables: CPU capacity, memory, and last but not least… network interface. In another test setup I hardly saw any difference between sync and async. Why? Because the network was the bottleneck :(.

VSLive! “Create Scalable Apps With Asynchronous Processing” demo’s

Download the demo’s here (34.39 KB)

During the session I promised to give put a sample here about using delegates for asynchronous processing, but what’s the use if you can just read it on MSDN: Calling Synchronous Methods Asynchronously. Again, be aware that you shouldn’t use this in ASP.NET!!! This is for console, desktop, and Windows Services only! In ASP.NET this would exhaust the thread pool pretty fast.

Speaking at VSLive (ASPLive), San Fransisco March 25-29

I’ve been invited to speak at VSLive in San Fransisco ASPLive from March 25 to March 29. I will be doing two sessions on ASP.NET:

  • Understanding Multi-Threading (in ASP.NET)
  • Creating Scalable Apps with Asynchronous Processing

The first session takes a closer look at the fact that ASP.NET is a multi-threaded environment and what that means for us (web )developers. The second session looks at asynchronous pages, handlers and modules, to increase the scalability of our apps without adding new hardware. For more information checkout the session abstracts on the VSLive site.

I hope to see you there.