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WDI 2010 slides: ASP.NET WebForms vs. ASP.NET MVC

Two months ago I spoke at WDI 2010 in Warsaw, Poland on ASP.NET Web Forms vs. ASP.NET MVC. I should have posted the slides for that session soon after, but just didn’t get around to it because of all the work thrown at me. Here they are… finally. Slides (668.34 KB)

Thanks to the great folks organizing the conference. They took great care of me and managed to get a good crowd together. Even though it was a pretty large audience, the level of interaction was very good.

Azure story much better from PDC 09

Earlier this year I was pretty negative about the Azure story from Microsoft. My main gripe was that (from my perspective at the time) it was not a write-once, run-anywhere story, so you couldn’t run your current apps in Azure without modification. I’m very pleased about what I’ve seen now from PDC. Microsoft has opened up Azure in many ways, giving you much more control over what’s happening. In fact, you can get your own virtual machines and have complete remote admin access. Also, they’ve been really thinking about how to tie your existing hosting environment to Azure and vice versa. It will be possible to connect a web app inside Azure securely to a database server in your own data center.

I must say I’m impressed at how well Microsoft has listened to all the feedback about Azure. With all the changes they’ve implemented I feel that it has now become interesting for some of the services my company is implementing, whereas previously we weren’t even considering Azure.

Speaking at VSLive, Las Vegas, June 8

I’m delighted to be speaking again at VSLive in June. This time at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. I’ll being doing two sessions on Monday, June 8:

  • Understanding Transactions in WCF, which deals with why, how, and when to use transactions in WCF.

  • Advanced Access Control with WCF, which deals with claims based authorization and the Geneva Framework.

Over lunch I will be available for 1-on-1 Q&A, but if you run into me at other times outside my sessions I’m open for questions too.

Checkout the full conference agenda for all the great sessions and speakers at VSLive, Las Vegas. I can really recommend going there, because the sessions are great and the speakers very accessible. I also think the Venetian will be a great venue (I have never stayed at the Venetian, but I have been inside and it is definitly something to see).

VSLive! 2009 San Francisco slides and samples

Thank you for all who attended my sessions in San Francisco. Below are the slides and samples for my sessions.

VTH4 – Understanding Transactions in WCF Slides (561.73 KB) | Samples (540.1 KB)

VTH16 – Supporting POX/REST with WCF Slides (369.58 KB) | Samples (302.82 KB)

VTH25 – Simplify WebPart (and Control) Development with WebPart Skinning Slides (359.85 KB) | Samples (447.66 KB)

The VTH25 samples include the full installer. However, be sure to change the uploadskinfeature.bat to point to the correct server. You can read more about the VirtualPathProvider I mentioned in VTH25 session here.

Speaking at VSLive San Francisco, February 23-27

The wonderful folks at VSLive! have invited me again to do three sessions at their San Francisco event from February 23 to February 27, 2009. These are the sessions I’ll do (all on Thursday 26):

  • Understanding Transactions in WCF

  • Supporting POX/REST with WCF

  • Simplify WebPart (and Control) Development with WepPart Skinning

The first two are obviously about WCF. The last talk is primarily about SharePoint, but the discussed techniques will work with ASP.NET WebParts and WebControls as well.

I really like VSLive! because they have some great content and top tier speakers. The speakers (myself included of course) are also very accessible, because the event is not as huge as some of the other conferences these days. So if you intend to go to a conference this year, VSLive! is going to be worth your money.

VSLive Dallas Demo’s

For those of you that attended my sessions in Dallas, here are the demo’s for

If you attended the latter, you’ll remember that I wrecked my prepared demo (note to self: never change configs just before a session). I finally figured out what was wrong. I changed some configuration on the server side and I thought I did the same on the client. Apparently I did not, because when I updated the service reference on the client it worked.

Speaking at VSLive in Dallas 8-11 December

I will be speaking at VSLive! again, this time in Dallas from 8 until 11 December. I’ll be doing the following sessions:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Dynamic Data (Tuesday 9 December, 11:15 AM)

  • POX/REST Strategies with WCF (Thursday 11 December, 1:45 PM)

  • Understanding Transactions in WCF (Thursday 11 December, 4:45 PM)

VSLive! is a very nice and relaxed event with great content. So it’s a great opportunity to learn new stuff and new people. If you want to attend the Dallas show and see me speak, you can get a $300 discount by entering the discount code SPVAN. I hope to see you there.

Code Camp 2008

Op zaterdag 6 september organiseren dotNED, SDN en VBCentral samen Code Camp 2008. Vorig jaar kon ik er helaas niet bij zijn, maar dit jaar zal ik er niet alleen bij zijn, maar ook een sessie doen. Omdat ik heel erg hou van interactie doe ik een zogenaamde Chalk & Talk. Dat is een sessie waarbij interactie met de groep voorop staat en er niet een vooraf vastgestelde agenda is. Het onderwerp van de sessie in Omgaan met data in een Service Oriented Architecture. In een SOA is een service namelijk verantwoordelijk voor een bepaald domein en de data die daarbij hoort. Een join doen met in de database met data van een andere service bijvoorbeeld is uit den boze… of toch niet? Dat zijn het soort vragen die aan bod komen in deze sessie. Hopelijk tot ziens op Code Camp 2008!

Async Pages demo’s from VSLIve! Las Vegas

For those people interested in the demo’s I did in the session Create Scalable Apps with Async Processing at VSLive! this week, you can download here (600 KB). To “install” the demo’s, create a Visual Studio solution with two websites (one for each folder in the zip file). Run the web service to get a port number, then update web.config in the AsyncPages folder so that web services reference that port number (or take the port number currently in web.config and set the web service to run on the specified port). Enjoy!