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Generic interfacing with Workflow Services

I’m currently working on a project where we have a lot of semi-independent moving parts. One aspect is that we communicate with different applications, in a BizTalk style manner. We do this using Workflow Services to ensure delivery and have fault tolerance when running inside Windows Server AppFabric (see my post What is Windows Server AppFabric and why should I use it?). However, we wanted to ensure that these Workflow Services all provide the same interface from out side of the application, so we can call into them generically. This by the way happens when a status changes occurs on some entity we use. Getting the Workkflow Services to expose the same contract (more or less) is relatively easy. You just ensure that all services use the name namespace, operation name, and parameters. However, calling those generically through WCF was a bigger challenge. Basically we have a table with state transitions, which can hold some string of information about what to do. The choice we made is to have this string be equivalent to the endpoint configuration in the web.config file. Now all we need is a correct WCF contract, and off we go. That took a little tweaking too, but with the help of the below two posts by Ron Jacobs, we were able to pull it off:

Thanks Ron!