I am Michiel van Otegem, a self proclaimed Holistic IT Architect. Which means I am neither a Software Architect, an Enterprise Architect, or an Infrastructure Architect… I’m more a little bit of each, although officially I work at Sogeti Netherlands as Senior Software Architect. Besides, or part of, my day job I am an author and speaker. With that in mind, this blog and it’s content reflect my opinion (at the time of writing), not that of my employer or anyone else.


I didn’t always work at Sogeti. I started at a small company 1997 (the same time Microsoft released ASP “classic”) as a Junior Developer, quickly rising through the ranks to Lead Developer. Between 1999 and 2003 I worked as a freelance developer and trainer, with a short period in between working for an exciting (but quickly broke) startup in training and knowledge management. I got into writing and speaking because of that period, and I am still grateful for that.

Since the end of 2003 I have worked as (Senior) Software Architect at three different companies, each time venturing into new areas of expertise. So from being an ASP and (ASP).NET developer, I have gained expertise in integration, security, cloud, and collaboration (and these are all connected).

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