I am Michiel van Otegem, a self proclaimed Holistic IT Architect. Which means I am neither a Software Architect, an Enterprise Architect, or an Infrastructure Architect… I’m more a little bit of each, although officially I work at Microsoft as Architect in a global team called Azure CAT GSI (or Azure Customer Advisory Team – Global System Integrators). With that in mind, this blog and it’s content reflect my opinion (at the time of writing), not that of my employer or anyone else.

Besides this blog, I have written several books and 100+ published articles see Publications, and I have spoken at many industry events such as TechEd, DevDays, DevConnections, and VSLive!. These days speaking/training is part of my day job at Microsoft. 


I didn’t always work at Microsoft. I started at a small company 1997 (the same time Microsoft released ASP “classic”) as a Junior Developer, quickly rising through the ranks to Lead Developer. Between 1999 and 2003 I worked as a freelance developer and trainer, with a short period in between working for an exciting (but quickly broke) startup in training and knowledge management. I got into writing and speaking because of that period, and I am still grateful for that.

Since the end of 2003 I have worked as (Senior) Software Architect at several companies, each time venturing into new areas of expertise. So from being an ASP and (ASP).NET developer, I have gained expertise in integration, security, cloud, and collaboration (and these are all connected). Now I am fully focused on cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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