Migrated my blog to WordPress

I’ve been wanting to migrate my blog to WordPress for quite a while, and I finally did it.

Even though dasBlog is a nice blogging engine, it is not quite as feature rich and user friendly as WordPress. There are tons of plugins and templates for WordPress that make my life as a blogger easier, and give the reader a better user experience.

I also wanted my blog to be more than just my blog, and you’ll see some additional pages appear of the course of time. This too I could have done with dasBlog, but it is much easier with WordPress.

Reeves Little has an awesome post on migrating from dasBlog to WordPress, which I followed to the letter. Many thanks to him. It took me about 4 hours to do with some trial and error, mainly because of my large BlogML file.

Now what?
As I just mentioned I will add some pages to the site. This will mostly be self gratified boasting of what I’ve done as an author. I will also be tinkering with the layout, in search of the ultimate look & feel. Last but not least, I will be checking all the posts for broken stuff and to clean up the code listings which are filled with formatting no longer needed, a few posts at a time. Feel free to drop me a line of you find a post with errors.