Book Review – Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything

Even though this is just a little book (just 80 pages), Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything (Jeffrey Needham, O’Reilly) is a very good and insightful read. Jeffrey Needham explains very well what Big Data is and how it differs from “traditional” computing. He effectively shows you need to approach Big Data differently, because the “old school” approach to data just doesn’t scale. In that sense he echo’s my view on the subject of data: not all data needs to be normalized and transactional and you can save a lot of effort and money (on expensive hardware and software) by picking the right requirements for types of data you are dealing with. For instance, you would need a pretty good reason to store a file in a RDBMS. Because most current IT staff has been brought up with in the RDMBS paradigm, it is often the tool of choice, without thinking about it. This book effectively breaks with that way of thinking, and I would encourage developers, architects, database administrators etc. to read this book to get a sense of perspective. It would greatly help us in not making the mistake of tackling “new world” problems with “old world” solutions. The book is very easy to read, with good examples, funny stories, and insightful comments. There’s also a side step into neuro science and the future of supercomputing, which is not only good to know, but interesting in itself.

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