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Book review: Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The information in Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (The Microsoft Dynamics AX Team, Margaret Sherman; Microsoft Press) in itself might be useful for Dynamics AX 2012 developers, but it is poorly structured. It is also not clear what the target audience is. Chapter 1 is supposed to be an overview, but it contains way too much detail. By the time you reach the end of the chapter, you will have forgotten most of the details, because it doesn’t make sense to you if you’re just beginning. If you’re already experienced, it may make sense, but then it is superfluous information. This style of writing is maintained throughout the book. What use is it to cover MorphX and X++ in great detail if readers haven’t done anything with it yet? As I said, the information might be good, but it should be structured around scenarios. For instance, when discussing Design Role Centers (chapter 5), take it all the way down and go from why, to what, to how (including some X++ development). As it is, you are stuck with some rules of thumb, which you can’t use, because there is no follow through until much later in the book. By then, you need to go back and reread what was said originally. Basically the book reads like a technical manual, which isn’t too surprising if you consider that it was mainly written by the Dynamics AX team itself.

Bottom line: For experienced AX developers this might be a good reference and brush up from previous versions. For other types of readers this book doesn’t work.