Microsoft and Apple promote Android phones

An important reason I have a Windows phone is because I have control over which applications I buy and from whom. I decide what I can or cannot install on my phone. With Windows Phone 7 Series Microsoft is blocking this “sideloading”, so users can only download and install new software through Marketplace. Basically Microsoft is following the Apple iPhone model with this, and the reason is for this is clear: follow the money. Microsoft has realized that Apple is making millions of dollars from the percentage they get on apps sold through the app store. This is logical, because ultimately it is not your device that makes the difference, but what you can do with it. Functionality and content sell, it’s as simple as that.
As I said an important reason for me to have a Windows phone, and not an iPhone, was the control I have over my device. I think I am not alone in this, and I’ve heard a lot of people using Apple products (iPhone in particular) complain about this too. It’s the one thing the makes Apple impopular compared to Microsoft, so I guess Microsoft just wants to be the impopular company. Windows Phone 7 Series will also be impopular to vendors. On that front Microsoft is thightning the screws as well. Microsoft now determines the hardware specs and as vendor you have little options to alter the appearance of the OS. This means there are less options to differentiate yourself from competitors.
I think the new Microsoft policy will ultimately drive people away, rather than gain momentum. It will drive people to Android based phones where phone vendors and users are still in control. If you look at the momentum Android already has, more people will also choose Android over iPhone for the same reasons.

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