VSLive! 2009 San Francisco slides and samples

Thank you for all who attended my sessions in San Francisco. Below are the slides and samples for my sessions.

VTH4 – Understanding Transactions in WCF Slides (561.73 KB) | Samples (540.1 KB)

VTH16 – Supporting POX/REST with WCF Slides (369.58 KB) | Samples (302.82 KB)

VTH25 – Simplify WebPart (and Control) Development with WebPart Skinning Slides (359.85 KB) | Samples (447.66 KB)

The VTH25 samples include the full installer. However, be sure to change the uploadskinfeature.bat to point to the correct server. You can read more about the VirtualPathProvider I mentioned in VTH25 session here.

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