Monthly Archives: September 2007

Speaking at VSLive! in Vegas on October 16th

I’ll be at VSLive! in Las Vegas next month. On Tuesday, October 16th, I’ll be speaking about two topics:

  • Using Windows Workflow Foundation in ASP.NET
  • Create Scalable Apps with Asynchronous Processing

The first is an introductory session about Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and adresses how to deal with WF in ASP.NET. Because WF is not request-response by nature, this is more challenging than you would think. The second session discusses ASP.NET 2.0 Async Pages and Handlers and shows you how to use this with web services and databases.

Hope to see you there!

Using ASP.NET Theme’s in MOSS 2007

MOSS 2007 has it’s own theming engine, separate from the ASP.NET theming engine. A downside of the MOSS approach is that you require an IIS reset to change a theme. Not very nice, so we wanted to use ASP.NET theming instead. This however causes problems with all pages in the _layouts folder, because they don’t have <header runat=”server” />. That tag is necessary, because ASP.NET needs to add CSS references and such to the <head> tag. Without that tag you receive the following error message:

Using themed css files requires a header control on the page

The solution is to define no theme for the pages in the _layouts folder. Since the pages in that folder are mainly dialog-type screens for SharePoint operations, this is not a problem from a look & feel perspective. That said, there are situations where you create your own pages and put the in the _layouts folder. For those pages you can apply a theme, providing there are no (MOSS) webparts and such on the page. In web.config this would look something like this:

<location path=”_layouts”>
    <pages theme=”” />
<location path=”_layouts/MyCustomPage.aspx”>
    <pages theme=”MyTheme” />