SVG is dead, just not burried yet

I’ve always felt that SVG wouldn’t make it into the mainstream. Flash does about everything SVG does and is available on 99.9% of the desktops. In addition there are scores of Flash developers/designers out there. The only thing SVG had going for it was the support of Adobe, but I always thought they were in it because SVG was a potential Flash-killer. With the acquisition of Macromedia, Adobe doesn’t need a Flash-killer anymore. In fact they probably wished SVG never saw the light of day. Last year Adobe anounced that they will discontinue their SVG Viewer browser plug-in, saying that SVG is a mature technology and that there are loads of mature implementations now. The directory of SVG viewers tells us otherwise. Now that Microsoft has put forward Silverlight, a Flash (and potentially HTML) killer, the future of SVG looks pretty grim. The two companies that in the past would benefit most from the rise of SVG now both would like SVG to be a thing of the past.

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