string.Replace(“WinFX”, “.NET 3.0”) == smart move

I think Microsoft has made a smart move in renaming WinFX (including .NET 2.0) to .NET 3.0 (see blog post by Soma Somasegar). First of all there was a lot confusion about what .NET and WinFX are, and secondly WinFX is often confused with WinFS (the new file system). Us developers can all do with a little less confusion finding out way through development technologies.

2 thoughts on “string.Replace(“WinFX”, “.NET 3.0”) == smart move

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    Hi Michiel,

    How are you doing ? do you remember me, RG teammate in Amsterdam ?

    Just happened to see your blogs.

    it is nice reading your article. Plz do more articles in english.


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